Body 20 Mizner, Boca Raton’s newest approach to fitness, focuses on accelerating the workout process while also ensuring its overall effectiveness.

Located in Mizner Park’s Royal Palm Plaza, Body 20 employs an original training method.  Following this technique, users exercise while connected to a machine that stimulates muscle fiber.  The device pushes muscles into overtime, making a 20-minute session equivalent to roughly four to six full workouts.

These stimulative gadgets allow individuals to lift weights more effectively and properly compete their strength training.  Fitness coaches work closely with members until they build their mind-to-muscle connection. 

“It really is a unique experience,” said Zackary Moliver, owner. “To fully understand it, I would encourage people to try out a workout for themselves.”

To showcase his facility’s unique techniques, Moliver offers first-time guests 12-minute complimentary workouts, aimed to gradually ease the muscles into the training method. 

Body 20 has two rooms – one dedicated to strengthening and the other for cardio. Individuals work one-on-one with a fitness coach, always in control of the machine and how much it will penetrate one’s muscles.  This makes for a private experience and an intimate relationship with the organization’s welcoming staff. 

“I genuinely loved the personal attention and individual focus,” said Barbara Felix, junior and Body 20 super-fan.  “I got better results in half-an-hour than I would anywhere else, all with significantly less effort.”

Moliver has angled his staff to ensure all individuals feel valued and welcome in his fitness center.  Hoping to leave each customer motivated for further wellness, each trainer focuses on creating an encouraging environment to pair alongside the effective technology-driven workout. 

For a quickened approach to fitness, Body 20 Mizner looks to be an ideal place for folks of all shapes and sizes.  To learn more about its unique training techniques, please visit

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