Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, both notable YouTubers, recently discussed the life of an influencer and the social media teams surrounding them in their podcast Pretty Basic.

Individuals visit YouTube daily to review content from their favorite influencers, but rarely do outsiders receive a glimpse of what life is truly like for these online icons.  Oftentimes, fans will see only an influencer’s “highlight reel,” but much of the behind-the-scenes work goes unnoticed. 

“A lot of people assume that they know us [influencers] and they don’t really give us a chance,” said Cruz.  “There is so much the world never gets to see.” 

Of course, there are numerous positives associated with this level of social prominence.  From global trips to various speaking engagements, these individuals seem to reap the benefits of their work.  Still, the not-so-glamorous side of the business is often unseen. 

Cruz and Marie each acknowledged the incredible difficulty associated with balancing one’s personal life and their social media life.  With most video editing processes taking days to complete, an influencer’s life can quickly become exhausting.  Even after uploading one video, these individuals must immediately begin planning their next pieces of content. 

“I think a lot of [people] don’t realize how large the team behind us really is,” said Marie.  “It involved much more than just us.”

YouTubers often have staffs including agents, publicists, managers and assistants.  Each individual is imperative to the ongoing success of the social influencer.  Managers, agents and publicists each play a massive role in promoting the brand, continuing to expose the world to what the influencers have to offer. 

As they completed their podcast, Marie encouraged those looking to create a YouTube channel to find what truly makes the potential influencer stand out.  

“Especially when you begin to gain more viewers and subscribers, networks will begin contacting you when they see potential in what you have to offer,” said Marie.

As the presence of social media influencers continues to grow in the U.S., prospective YouTubers must understand the stresses associated with the industry.  For those that can overcome the fast-paced and relentless initial stages, the benefits of online relevance are plentiful.

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