After two years of developing and creating designs inspired by her lifestyle, Lindsay Miller has used her creativity and entrepreneurship skills to create “Slides w Slogans,”, a shoe brand with personalized slogans. 

Miller, senior, majors in environmental studies with interests in sustainable development and entrepreneurship. With this spirit in mind, she decided to begin a business inspired by her personal wants and needs. 

Before choosing to start a business, Miller was making custom slides for herself. However, the senior realized she could make a profit if she began distributing her original products to a larger audience. 

“It took two years to really get this project up and running,” said Miller. “I was inspired to create something that I wanted in my own closet, and realized that I had the opportunity to reach the needs of a market.”

Miller hopes that Slides w Slogans will appeal to college students and all that place their top priorities in style and comfort. She also hopes to grow her customer base at Lynn, specifically those involved in athletics and Greek life. 

“I provide sororities and fraternities with mock-up designs to give them an idea of what the product will look like,” said Miller. “This differs from the collection I am working on because these orders are personalized to fit the needs of a specific sorority or fraternity.”

Miller hopes to release her first collection of shoes within the next month, as she continues to complete designs and build her website. This collection will include five slogans. 

As for the future of this company, Miller hopes to continue to expand and gain new customers through its website. She plans to sell other merchandise with the personalized slogans she creates. 

“I want my customers to feel that these products are exclusive, which is why I plan to make collections of slides that will hopefully sell out while I create new collections,” said Miller. “I know this will be a challenging goal to reach.”

While putting together the finishing touches on her brand, Miller stays busy as a full-time student and manager at a local cycling studio. When the footwear company comes to fruition, though, she is certain all of her hard work will have paid off.  

Kelly Marmo

Kelly Marmo is a sophomore majoring in communications and design. Marmo has a love for journalism, advertising and public relations, which all led her to become a member of iPulse. Outside of iPulse, Marmo’s interests include music, exercise and photography.

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