Tacowa, a Korean barbecue restaurant on NE Spanish River Boulevard, recently made its mark in Boca with exquisite cuisine.

With overwhelming support from the community in its first two months, the location offers dining options for all customers. Tacowa’s menu is designed with most diets in mind, especially those that are meat-based.  

Tacowa offers a small but satisfying selection of authentic Korean dishes. The restaurant’s team is confident in providing delicious food that has their customers coming back for more. 

“We have recurring customers all the time and we’ve only been open for a month-and-a-half,” said Eun Kim, Tacowa owner and chef.

By offering authentic food at reasonable prices and at a quickened pace, many have found that Tacowa is the perfect place to grab a fast and delicious bite to eat. Customers have a variety of authentic Korean foods to choose from, including Korean tacos, fried chicken, ramen and much more.

“What makes our food special is our secret sesame sauce,” said Kim. “No other Korean restaurant that I’ve been to has used anything like it.”

As for beverages, the restaurant offers a wide variety of sodas in addition to both domestic and international drink options. One of Tacowa’s most popular Korean drinks is called Milkis, a beverage that comes in flavors including strawberry, peach and muskmelon. 

“I loved trying the Korean soda Milkis,” said Pooja Bhansali, junior. “I’ve never tried anything like it before.” 

The Korean restaurant Tacowa seems to be a more than appropriate addition to Boca. Its authenticity and uniqueness are fitting customers who want to try something new, and its infancy promises to provide more in the future.  To join in on the Korean flavor, individuals can visit Tacowa at 499 NE Spanish River Blvd., Ste. 5. 

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