Lynn’s diverse student body attracts talented applicants from all corners of the world, and several of these talented individuals work in the Office of Admission.

Student workers in the Office of Admission, also known as student admission ambassadors, find their way to south Florida from across the globe. 

“I am very talented at writing scripts,” said Salma Moran, freshman. “I am a film and television major, so my script writing skills really come in handy.”

Even though their background, cultures and tendencies may differ, their unique skills bring them far closer than anyone could imagine.  

“I can move my knuckles from side to side,” said Ashley Rosa, junior. “If you put your hand on top of mine, you can feel my knuckles moving. It’s very funny how people always freak out about it.”

The Office of Admission provides an interactive way for students to demonstrate their skills. As admission ambassadors, students have the opportunity to represent the university to current and incoming students. 

 “Singing is my unique talent,” said Kyana Borbon, senior. “I’ve been singing ever since I was little, and I can also play the guitar.”

Other talents across Admission include numerous other physical feats, such as heightened flexibility and dexterity.

“My talent is doing weird things with my tongue,” said Guerdy Fabre, junior. “I can fold it and flip it side to side.”

“My finger can bend in weird ways,” said Francesca De Nes, sophomore. “Whenever I show people what I can do, they always try to do it, but most of the time they can’t. It’s definitely a special talent of mine.”

While these ambassadors excel on the tour route, their exceptional abilities allow them to also stand out in their social lives as well.  Whether with prospective families or practicing their not-so-obvious talents, these individuals are certain to put on a show.

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