Academic Coach Jessica Tucker assists Lynn students in the Institute for Achievement and Learning while simultaneously managing her own fashion line. 

Four years ago, Lynn welcomed Tucker as a coach and instructor. Since her arrival, Tucker has formed close bonds with the students due to her passion for instruction and positive outlook. 

“I naturally enjoy teaching,” said Tucker. “Not to mention, students say some highly entertaining things on a day-to-day basis.”

Aside from her day job, Tucker has been hard at work with her own fashion line Campaign FIFTN16. In April 2018, Campaign FIFTN16 marked its second year in business. 

“The brand has given me a platform for meeting people, doing what they love and doing their purpose,” said Tucker.

Within the industry, Tucker has faced obstacles marketing her brand. Despite the complications, Tucker enjoys the challenge and thrives in difficult environments. Spending countless hours on social media advertising for her brand, Tucker has grown to accept perfection can be illusive. 

“I spend so much time on social media,” she said. “I learned not to be perfect, not like the world I existed in my whole life.”

Tucker is a role model to college students on and off campus. Demonstrating the hard work she encourages in her students, Tucker never concedes defeat and constantly strives for greater goals. With success in the classroom and on the runway, her journey has just started.

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