Lynn students seem to maintain a year-round love for online shopping, but social media during the holiday season offers another brand of convenience for consumers.

As NBC News recently noted, social networks have become the leading platforms to advertise and entertain the masses.  With that, online stores have begun to surface in conjunction with the various outlets.  In fact, some retail stores have left physical locations to pursue their online markets.

The clear shopping transformation can be viewed on platforms including Twitter and Instagram.  On these networks, Chic Me and Poshmark are popular online retailers with Lynn students actively involved in using social media for holiday purchases.

“I love shopping and selling on Poshmark, so much so that I became a brand ambassador for them and am beyond happy to be a part of their organization,” said Karla Gonzalez, senior.

Poshmark is an online store where students can buy items, including clothing and electronics, for half the retail price or sell them for a quick profit. Similarly, Chic Me is an online boutique for women to buy stylish clothes at a significant discount.

“I found Chic Me while I was scrolling through my timeline on Instagram,” said Ke’vona Phillips, junior. “Not long after, I bought four dresses from them for less than $75.”

Other online stores, including the popular Fashion Nova, are also known for their inexpensive prices and high-end looks.

“When I am looking for something really cute to wear when going out, Fashion Nova is almost always my go-to.  I know I will always receive what I am looking for from them,” said Sarah DePeri, junior.

While holiday shopping is typically associated with pure chaos, individuals can ease their concerns this year by embracing the growing trend of social media consumerism.

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