Veg Eats Foods, a plant-based, vegan-friendly restaurant in Delray Beach, is committed to altering the perception of eating well.

Veg Eats offers the ideal opportunity for students seeking sustainable cuisine that lowers their carbon footprint. The menu appeals not only to vegans, but it also accommodates traditional eaters while putting a spin on classic favorite foods.

The menu begins by offering mouth-watering soups and salads. They include the signature pumpkin chili, classic Andalusian gazpacho and tomato mozzarella caprese salad.

“I tried the pumpkin when Ivisited, made with pumpkin, fire-roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions, apples, spices, pinto, black and butter beans,” said JuliaMiller, senior. “It was served withsavory cornbread and topped with raw pumpkin seeds, leaving me both satisfied and full.”

Veg Eats’ lunch menu broadensits sustainable approach. Options include the baked macand cheese, the I’ve Missed Youburger, Dreams Come True chick-non pot pie, Mimi’s meatlessmeatball sub and chick-non fajitas. Most notably, the hand-crafted burger features a beyond meat patty, giving it the look, smell and taste of real beef.

“This is my new favorite spot; I plan to eat here every chance I get,” said Lizzie Johnson, junior. “Veg Eats is affordable and It makes being vegan so easy.”

Veg Eats is located at 35 E. Linton Blvd. in Delray Beach. More information can be found at

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