Mitchell Albert, a Lynn alumnus with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, excels as a faculty member at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Fla.

During his undergraduate studies, Albert specialized in financial valuation and investment management.  With his professors’ guidance, he became extremely knowledgeable about the business field.  Albert feels his future employment was greatly aided by the educational environment at Lynn.

“Those classes taught me so many real-world types of knowledge that have truly transformed my life,” said Albert. “As I became a high school marketing and hospitality teacher, those opportunities were paramount, allowing me to combine often real-world experiences and my acquisition of knowledge.”

Albert has particularly succeeded in his role by listening to student feedback.  Throughout his time as a teacher, this intentional approach in the classroom has made a difference in countless students’ lives. In fact, some have moved on to high-profile careers in hospitality by using his methods.

“My program [has] grown and now has more than 300 students exploring a career in hospitality,” he said. 

Albert’s program has grown immensely through the years, with more than 300 students exploring careers in the hospitality industry.  Emily Finocchio, a Lynn senior majoring in marketing, is a prime example of a student who was strongly impacted by Albert and his teaching style. 

“He was one of the teachers that always made time to help his students,” said Finocchio. “He would come in early or stay late.  He had always insisted Lynn would be an ideal fit for me, and he was right.” 

Finocchio was not the only student who chose Albert’s alma mater for their studies. His triplets – Seth, Carli and Harrison – all chose Lynn for their undergraduate pursuits as well.  Without a doubt, Albert is thrilled to keep his children close to home, but he is even more pleased with the academic atmosphere they have chosen.

“Small class sizes mixed with amazing interaction with faculty that is truly invested in their students’ success is the perfect formula for a memorable and valuable college experience,” said Albert. 

Albert has developed an unwavering love for his students, his job, his children and Lynn. He has fostered a multitude of relationships and credits Lynn for providing the opportunities that aided him in the workforce. 

“It wasn’t until the tragedy that occurred this past spring that I truly knew my favorite aspect of teaching at Stoneman Douglas,” said Albert. “It’s the smiles and experiences I share with my students. We were reminded in the tragedy that life is precious and we need to cherish it.”

While Albert remains the consistent backbone for many of his students, they have been equally supportive of him as well.

“My students often show their appreciation with the most beautiful cards and letters,” said Albert. “I was in the hospital roughly two years ago, and many of my students drew cards and letters. Moments like that make every moment worth it.” 

At Stoneman Douglas, Albert has succeeded like he did as a Fighting Knight.  With all three of his triplets now at Lynn, he hopes to further his legacy as both a professional and an alumnus.

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