Disney recently released the trailer for its much-anticipated live action “Aladdin” remake, which received mixed reviews from the moment it hit the web.

From Disney traditionalists to the average movie watcher, individuals did not take long to voice their opinions about the production.  Many have taken to social media to comment on the recent release, preparing for the film to hit theaters in May 2019.

“I remember when I was younger and saw the movie for the first time,” said Rachel Margolis, graduate student and Disney fanatic.  “I thought it was a great movie and really hope Disney doesn’t disappoint with the live action version.” 

Some fans are upset by the portrayal of lead female character Princess Jasmine.  Rather than the character’s typical Middle Eastern descent many have come to expect, the live action version is set to feature her with an Indian background.  Due to this key cultural alteration, fans of the original animated film have argued that the remake will be inaccurate, offering a stark misrepresentation of Middle Eastern individuals.

In response to these charges of racial inaccuracy, Disney released a statement to

“Great care was taken to put together one of the largest, most diverse casts ever seen on screen.  Diversity of our cast and background performers was a requirement,” said Disney in the statement.

Despite the negative feedback on social media, others across various platforms have voiced their support for the remake.  Actor Will Smith, set to play the genie in the film, recently posted a promotional message that had a reach of more than three million individuals.  Many supporters have chosen to take Smith’s path on this issue, embracing the differences between the two versions.

“I feel like the new live action movie will bring a different light to the original story,” said Margolis.  “I hope the changes they are making will bring more of an audience to the classic movie as well.”

Whether individuals are harboring excitement or trepidation after viewing the teaser trailer, it is clear “Aladdin” is drawing significant interest.  For many, May 2019’s blockbuster live action film cannot come soon enough.

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