Shortly after walking across the graduation stage in May, Lynn student athlete Mariah Penascino cemented a modeling career after landing a job through social media. 

Penascino has skyrocketed in the modeling world; she was recently featured in magazines, Miami Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.  In just four months, she has been chosen to walk for four major designers: Michael Lombard, HoudaEE, Yik Styles and the Amme Collection.

“I recently had just walked for the showcase in Miami through Society Fashion Week,” said Penascino.  “When that was over, I immediately began contacting designers in the New York showcase.”

Prior to becoming a professional model, Penascino’s first love was basketball.  After serving as a manager for Lynn’s men’s team,  women’s head coach Julia Huddleston offered her the opportunity to join the women’s squad in a practice capacity.  Originally a transfer to the team, Penascino quickly became a vital member by her senior year.  

“When Coach Huddleston offered me a spot on the team, I very quickly agreed,” said Penascino.  “My passion and love for the game was still there, so I knew it would be the right call.”

After extensive work and preparation, Penascino’s work ethic was recognized by Huddleston who decided to add her to the roster so she could play her final years of eligibility for the Fighting Knights.  During Penascino’s final season, she was promoted to team captain, assuming one of the team’s main leadership roles.

A double major in psychology and criminal justice, Penascino chose to test the modeling waters.  Her first fashion show occurred during her undergraduate studies, a production by Professor Lisa Dandeo and her students.

“I was in both shows my junior and senior years,” said Penascino.  “After seeing how much I grew from one year to the next, I decided to expand my horizons and start modeling more seriously.”

Penascino is signed with two modeling agencies – GEM Talent Agency and BEST Agency Miami.  She now models for various clothing and swimwear companies throughout South Florida.  Consequently, she  transformed her social media platforms to serve as an outlet for her creative work.

“I’m so grateful for the designers allowing me to let their designs come to life on the runway,” said Penascino.

Due to her success with smaller agencies, Penascino hopes to sign with a well-known fashion or commercial company.  Ultimately, she hopes to find herself on the covers of national magazines.

“The sky is the limit in the industry.  With my drive and dedication, I can do anything,” said Penascino.

While she may not be following the path her studies at Lynn might have indicated, Penascino is excelling on the brightest of stages.  For more information on her modeling career, individuals can visit her Instagram – @Supremeryee.

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