Boca houses many hidden-gem restaurants, including Parlour Vegan Bakery on 415 South Federal Highway.

Parlour Vegan Bakery opened two years ago in early 2016. The opening of this bakery brought sweet and savory flavors to Boca including a variety of breads, sweet treats, empanadas and special menu sandwiches.

Parlour is known primarily for its vegan cupcakes and cookies. After consuming one of the bakery’s sweet creations, customers are left wondering how Parlour’s team made something vegan that tasted so good.

“These cupcakes are fluffy and delicious, I could eat them every day,” said Dillon Fenner, customer.

Parlour has special weekend menus that showcase not just sweet treats, but savory delights. Every Saturday and Sunday, at lunch time, Parlour offers unique vegan sub sandwiches. They include classics like “ham” and cheese with avocado, mayo and lettuce to unique recipes such as the Chimichurri Chick’n with “bacon,” pepper jack cheese and arugula.

“Call and place the order ahead of time so when you go the sandwich will be ready. Otherwise it will take 15- 20 minutes,” said Becca Feldman, customer.

These sub sandwiches are packed with flavor, they are hearty and full. The bakery prides itself on leaving customers full and satisfied.

“Parlour is my go-to Saturday lunch spot. Their food gets me through my week,” said Julia Miller, senior.

For more tasty treats follow @parlorvegan on Instagram or visit them in the store.

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