Uptown Art Boca Raton: Sip & Paint, a local business, combines the love of art with drinks to create fun activities for its customers.  The Boca Raton location is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on select days. 

Uptown Art provides a place to let creative juices flow while unwinding from a week’s worth of school, or even engaging in a fun activity with a group of friends. 

Lynn students Chelbie Smith and Ke’vona Phillips loved their experience.  

“It was the most relaxing place I’ve ever been to and to be there with my friend made it even better,” said Smith, junior. “They already had the picture we were going to paint ready for us, so I didn’t have to stress about what I was going to paint.”

“Every time I look at my painting I laugh because Chelbie is so goofy and it reminds me of a great time,” said Phillips, junior. “I’m actually planning on going back with my boyfriend.” 

Lynn students enjoy the attraction so much because it is fun and easy. The instructors take their time and the day’s theme is already chosen. Customers may schedule ahead of time and book for larger events through the website.

Uptown Art has multiple locations throughout Palm Beach County including the Boca Raton location. 

“It is nice finding a place in the area that I can go to and relax for a couple of hours,” said Kyana Borbón, senior. “Let’s not forget the affordable prices, it is a college student’s dream if you ask me.”

With prices as low as $10 for one session it is a place where people who possess various levels of skill can release their inner Picasso. For more information or to book a seat, visit  the website at uptownart.com

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