FTX Wellness and Performance in Boca Raton recently took over Impact Sports Performance, creating a new partnership with Lynn Athletics and providing athletes with an elevated aspect of training. 

In 2008, the owner of FTX, Octavio Cifuentes, came to the U.S. from Managua, Nicaragua. Prior to opening FTX in 2015, Cifuentes worked at Impact, specifically with Lynn’s basketball programs. For the last 3½ years, FTX served as a wellness company that focused on recovery and medicine.

Lynn has grown with the performance program; 11 of its 15 sporting teams train at the facility. With two accomplished companies uniting as one, it has provided Lynn athletes with proper training as well as the medical aspect to ensure all athletes remain on top of their game. 

“It has always been my dream to work with a university, and I want to keep the integrity and provide Lynn with the best service. Me and Devin [Crosby, athletic director] had multiple meals together, and our philosophies and core values line up,” said Cifuentes. “Anything Lynn has needed, we have assisted with. [If they l]ost an athletic trainer, we have them covered. We have strength coaches, yoga instructors, doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, acupuncture folks and much more.”

When Lynn was in need of an athletic trainer, FTX’s Harry Knoche took on the role for the men’s soccer team. Utilizing his background in both training and sports medicine, Knoche now trains with five squads as well. 

Brian Walker, trainer at FTX, has worked with Lynn athletes for the last two years. When the two companies became one, Cifuentes and Walker connected instantly. When Cifuentes took over, he wanted to retain the best talent for each segment of his program, and knew Walker was one of the best. 

“This year has been great so far. We’re really taking care of them this year strength-wise. We are super involved with the teams, doing both on- and off-campus conditioning and attending games in all locations,” said Walker. 

As FTX is both a performance and wellness group, the athlete’s health appears guaranteed. The facility provides movement screens, range of motion tests, baselines for measuring the athletes’ progress and injury prevention techniques. If an athlete suffers an injury, massages, physical therapy and chiropractic therapy are available. 

Alli Mancini

Originally from Totowa, N.J., Alli Mancini is a second-year student enrolled in the 3.0 accelerated degree program, majoring in multimedia journalism. Her main focus is in sports journalism and broadcasting, as she always had a passion for sports growing up. Continually, Mancini has looked up to Erin Andrews and hopes to emulate her success.

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