Many U.S. cities and businesses are banning plastic straws as local government officials realize the nation is endangering its marine life and helping to ruining the environment.

Just like plastic bags, plastic straws never decompose. Consequently, Deerfield Beach, along with many other cities in Palm Beach County are banning plastic straws. Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Gloria Battle states that we can easily and quickly get rid of plastic straws. 

“I believe we were given domain over the world and we have a responsibility to take care of it, and I want to do my part and help this place,” said Raymond Francois, junior.

Putting his beliefs into action, Buddy Sparrow, a Deerfield Beach resident, spent more than $1,000 on paper straws to replace the plastic straws at restaurants by the beach. Sparrow bought paper straws because he wants to save the turtles. 

Acts like Sparrow’s are one example of environmental awareness followed by action. Many individuals and businesses are doing their part in addressing this issue. Starbucks is one of the companies leading the effort to getting rid of plastics straws. The Last Plastic Straw, a volunteer community, has a website dedicated to tackling the elimination of plastic straws. 

While not everyone is taking a proactive role in ridding the planet of plastic straws, some are willing to do their part to support the cause. “I really do not enjoy drinking from the glasses at a restaurant; however, I would prefer to drink from a paper straw,” said Marc Sonnenfeld, tutor. 

Paper straws are not the only alternative. According to The Last Plastic Straw, there are naturally degradable straws, such as those made from bamboo stalks. Glass straws are another option. Metal straws — tasteless and odorless if made from titanium — are also available.  

“I feel it is an opportunity to find sustainable alternatives like bioplastics. Straws themselves are not the enemy, it is the kind of plastic they are made of,” said Paul Ristuccia, senior.

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