In just a few months time, alumna Lauren Pineau went from residing in the newly opened Perper Residence Hall to her own apartment in Houston after landing a job as the special event product representative at the corporate office of Service Corporation International in Texas. 

Pineau spent her undergraduate years involved in numerous clubs and organizations after a friend persuaded her to join Greek life. After she joined Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pineau developed a passion for the organization and held several board positions, including college Panhellenic president, new member education chair and vice president of operations. 

“I saw that my sisters were involved in other clubs and organizations, making me also want to get more involved,” said Pineau. “I became a peer leader, joined the Hospitality Club as well as participated in Celebration of the Arts.” 

After completing her undergraduate studies, Pineau obtained a career that not only involved her true passion of service, but one that would also allow her to travel. As the special event product representative, Pineau will travel to the company’s 2,000+ locations to oversee the many catering programs offered at each venue.  

“The most important part to me about my new job is that I am going to be traveling continuously,” said Pineau. “In some cases, I will be on the road three weeks out of the month. I’m so excited to meet new people and explore new places through my new path.”

The former event management major credits her rigorous approach to gaining related experience in her field as a college student as the main reason she has succeeded in such a short time frame.  Without her many internships, Pineau often wonders where she might have found herself professionally.

“During my time at Lynn, I focused a lot more on my experiences both at school and in the workforce. Had I not been required to take two internships, I don’t think I would be in the position I am today.”

Pineau developed a wide array of skills at Lynn that she can now apply in the service and catering industries.  As she moves forward, her experiences in both Greek life and in other programs across campus have prepared her for the road ahead.

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