Twins always have an interesting relationship, and Lynn senior Morgan Meltzer, an identical twin, is no exception. 

At first sight, Morgan and Kelsey Meltzer are nearly impossible to tell apart. In essence, moving away from their Jacksonville home for different colleges was their first time living in different places. 

“Being apart was very different because we have always been accustomed to doing everything together,” said Morgan Meltzer.

Morgan Meltzer attended her first year of college at Wingate University in North Carolina, while Kelsey Meltzer chose Florida Atlantic University for her undergraduate studies. After her freshman year, Morgan Meltzer transferred to Florida Atlantic University before finding her way to Lynn.

“I feel like we work off of each other. If she’s upset, I’m upset,” said Morgan Meltzer. “We kind of feed off of each other. When one of us is happy, it brings out the best in the other.”

The similarities between the Meltzer twins are further enhanced by their extracurricular choices.  One is a member of the women’s soccer team at Lynn, while the other plays a key role for FAU’s women’s cross country program.  When training for their respective sports, they enjoy pushing each other to their limits. 

Reuniting in Boca has been beyond comforting for the Meltzer sisters. Like any siblings, they have their similarities and differences, but the proximity between them has continued to unite them.

 “I think we have pretty different personalities,” said Morgan Meltzer. “I’d say Kelsey is more shy and laid back. I’m more outgoing and focused when it comes to getting things done.”

The Meltzer sisters love each other’s company and think of each other as best friends.  Although the Meltzers lack twin telepathy in which they think the same thoughts and finish each other’s sentences,  they have an unbreakable bond.

“I feel like a lot of people don’t understand the relationship that twins have,” said Morgan Meltzer. “They can’t picture themselves having someone that looks exactly like them, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Nia Perkovich

Nia Perkovich, a Coral Springs native, is currently studying advertising and public relations. After graduation, Perkovich hopes to land a job at any well-known public relations firm to realize her life goals.

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