Raising The Barr: Assistant Professor Discusses Advances In Sports Managment Program

By Ethan Pond

Staff Writer

Lynn 2020, the strategic plan for the university’s innovative growth, was all about forward motion, leadership and modernizing around campus. 

These same characteristics have been the foundation for the sports management program, spearheaded by Associate Professor Charles Barr and his fellow faculty within the College of Business and Management. By providing students the opportunity to learn from their current leaders, Barr has been one of many to embrace the approach to the future of Lynn in his courses. 

“As we look at the evolution of our sports management graduates, our goal is to continue to move toward developing student competencies,” said Barr. “Our focus has been on graduating students who can make an immediate impact in their place of employment.” 

With the utmost faith in the sports management program, Barr has stood by the idea that today’s students are the change that is needed in the world.  As a reflection of the Lynn 2020 mission, he identifies these individuals as better prepared to adapt more quickly to situations, particularly due to the technological society around them.

The advancements in buildings, structures and ballparks are of major importance to Lynn’s sports management program. With infrastructure serving a crucial role in the university’s development, the progressive vision put forth by leadership has enabled fresh ideas to enter Barr’s teaching style, like eSports. 

“As we advance at Lynn, so does the eSporting industry. Not only is this a major area for growth, but it is quickly becoming a favorite for spectators both in-person and online,” said Barr. 

While many things have changed in the sports industry in recent years, the Lynn 2020 strategy has allowed the campus to share in the consistent growth. By developing hardworking students who have high competency with technology, the industry can expect to see waves of successful Lynn graduates in the coming decade.

Ethan Pond

Ethan Pond is currently a transfer sophomore. Originally from Boston, Pond is a former Gettysburg champion, who starred in a Ken Burns PBS documentary. His ambition while in South Florida is to become the next great radio commentator for the MLB.

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