Graduating Senior Turns Passion Into Business

By Sunny Turner

Staff Writer

From a small beach town in N.J., Lynn senior Lana Macchiaverna has turned her passion for art and surf culture into a thriving business. By expressing her creative talents, Lana has turned old, new and ordinary surfboards into beautiful pieces of art. 

Lana began painting boards about four years ago. Since then, Macchiaverna has grown her hobby into a business. Not only has she had her own pop-up shop on Sunset Drive during Miami’s art basel, but she is also currently making boards for the restaurant chain, Playa Bowls.

After growing up in a very creative household, Macchiaverna was searching for her own creative niche when she had the idea to paint on an old broken surfboard.

“I don’t really know what made me paint on it, but I just did,” said Macchiaverna. “I try to create my own style on the boards. I’ve always wanted to be involved in the surf industry ever since I was little because my whole family surfs.”

Being a digital art and design major, Macchiaverna is no stranger to creating exceptional artwork. 

While the boards take up to three days to finish, Macchiaverna enjoys starting her creative process with the idea of which colors she wants to use. Upon picking her color combination, she takes a moment before paint even hits the board to think about how it will go about on her painting. 

“I just go with it. I do have a vision in my head which can sometimes make things a little hard, but usually, I just go with the flow and it just comes to me,” said Macchiaverna.

Macchiaverna will be graduating next Saturday with her bachelor of arts. Upon graduation, she is looking forward to returning home to create more surfboards and work at her uncle’s surf shop.

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