Lynn Student Shares Her Love For Swimming And How Passion Is The Key For Her Sucesss

By Carlota Garcia

Staff Writer

Recently, Sarah Hughes wrapped up her 2017-2018 swimming season at the NCAA Division II Swimming National Championships, competing in the 200-yard breaststroke.

Hughes competed at Nationals for the second year in a row, alongside fellow teammate Catalina Berraud-Galea. Hughes and Berraud-Galea earned a combined four medals at the Sunshine State Conference Championships in February, positioning the team for a fifth-place overall spot in the SSC.

“I was definitely in the right mindset,” said Hughes. “I was looking forward to getting on the podium at Nationals because I gained great confidence in my abilities over the last year.”

With her sweet, humble and down-to-earth attitude, she expressed that it is an honor and a privilege for her to be able to participate in Nationals and considers herself lucky to be able to swim for Lynn.

“I always feel absolutely honored to represent Lynn, just like I did last year,” said Hughes. “It’s truly a pleasure to represent Lynn, and to wear Lynn colors, on the pool deck and when traveling.”

Hughes is a junior studying environmental sciences and minoring in biology. An international student coming from Southampton, England, she transferred to Lynn after her freshman year at Limestone College in Gaffney, S.C.

She acknowledged the importance of her coach, Nikole Alvarez, and her teammates in her road to success. Coach Alvarez was crucial in her decision to come to Lynn, making her feel both valued and at ease.

“My favorite times are when we are tired and struggling, but we find the energy,” said Hughes. “It comes from our passion and love for the sport. Even when we are out of breath, we cheer for each other.”

She has been competing in sports since she was 11-years-old and confesses it is still a challenge to balance hard and long swimming practices with building a career.

Nevertheless, Hughes genuinely loves to swim, especially for Lynn. She feels honored to be part of the fantastic team of girls Lynn has and she would not change it for the world.

Carlota Garcia

Carlota Garcia is a junior studying film and psychology. Originally from Spain, she finished her high school career in America. She is currently the co-president of the National Broadcast Society and the videographer of the Lynn club hockey team.

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