Lynn Community Says #ENOUGH To Gun Violence

By Shawn Johnson


Continuing the nationwide dialogue on gun violence in America, multiple student leaders across Lynn have come together to organize a walkout today at 10 a.m.

Offering both fundraising and support activities, the demonstration is part of the #NationalSchoolWalkout movement. While advocating for legislation in Congress is a focal point of the event, honoring the lives of those lost in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy will also be at the forefront for those participating.

“We’re doing this to take a stand on not only school shootings, but also mass shootings in America,” said David Czarlinsky, walkout organizer. “We need to take a stand. If our generation fails to do anything, no changes will be made for the future.”

The event will take place on the walkway between the Green Center and the International Building. Lasting for 17 minutes to recognize the 17 lives lost in Parkland, students will have the opportunity to purchase wristbands supporting the cause. All donated funds will be given to the MSD Shooting Victims’ Fund, and participants will be invited to sign a banner labeled “#ENOUGH” to signify unity.

Despite the nation being in an uproar regarding gun control, the organizers of the demonstration have chosen to focus their efforts solely on gun violence. While the firearm policy conversation is on the minds of many, the coordinators behind Lynn’s walkout simply want the fear and pain to end.

“It seems as if everybody disagrees about gun control on a daily basis,” said Czarlinsky. “Rather than fighting over laws, we want people to come together to end senseless attacks, especially in public settings.”

With the help of student leaders Baylee Howe and Lourdes Rubero, along with the Knights of the Roundtable (KOR), Czarlinsky saw a vision become a reality. Without these other key contributors, Lynn’s #ENOUGH walkout likely would have never materialized.

“I’m proud we are supporting this,” said Nick Harguth-Galyas, KOR public relations officer. “After experiencing a shooting myself [in Colorado], I know the support from the surrounding communities makes a big difference in the community’s healing process.”

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson, member of the 3.0 accelerated degree program, is a sophomore. Having grown up in Birmingham, Ala., Johnson established an unwavering love for college athletics in his youth. Wanting to connect his love for sports with his passion for writing, he has identified sports journalism as the ultimate goal of his academic endeavors at Lynn. As such, Johnson is a multimedia journalism major. Within his collegiate interests, he hopes to follow in the footsteps of former Fighting Knight and current ESPN reporter Lisa Kerney. Outside of iPulse, he was a contributing writer for the Palm Beach Post as well. In his second year, there is still much more in the tank for his career preparation at Lynn. All the while, he is immensely proud of the Alabama Crimson Tide for recently winning their 17th overall national championship. Thankful for the opportunities he has received thus far, Johnson is eager to grow alongside his peers in the College of Communication and Design.

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