Students Double As Entrepreneurs With Fashion

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By Maria Ojer

Staff Writer

Who would have thought that a trip to Thailand would inspire Matthew Marshall and Karan Khatwani to bring their two passions, fashion and business, together to create a men’s apparel company of their own from scratch.

“Time management is the most challenging part,” said Marshall, senior. “Being a business owner and still study is a huge challenge, and I have to manage the time as good as I can.”

The two entrepreneurs created the FE&R brand to bring a unique, stylish and fashionable lifestyle to young working people. They offer a variety of products that everyone could use in their day-to-day life.

“The main goal of the company is to grow as much as we can and manage ourselves to have an important artist to where our clothes,” said Khatwani, senior. “In five years we want to be well known around the states and have many retail stores to supply.”

The company recently started to collaborate with artist G-Stakis. G-Stakis’ paintings are portrayed on the Lynn student’s products. This unique combination of art and fashion illustrates to costumers something never before seen; since each item is one-of-a-kind, made to personal taste.

“We couldn’t resist sharing with him [G-Stakis] our products and our ideas and we came up with a very powerful combination of art and fashion,” said Marshall.

FE&R is not only known around campus, but starting to spread worldwide. The two entrepreneurs are working hard to promote and expand the brand, making numerous amount of events and pop-ups. From having a placement in a store in Fort Lauderdale called the Archives, to having a grand show in December at the Art Basel in Miami.

“[I like] the contemporary streetwear designs of FE&R especially with the artsy influential pop-ups and guest artist are lovely to wear to various occasions,” said Simon Kramer, senior. “I hope they stay close to their mission and further enlarge their stock with more apparel and art.”

For more information about FE&R products, visit the website at and follow their social media to stay posted with their new fall-winter collection.

Maria Ojer

Maria Ojer was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. Besides being part of iPulse, she also works in the Office of Admission as a Student Ambassador. Ojer savors the opportunity to inform the Lynn community via iPulse.

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