The University’s College Of Arts And Sciences Introduces A New B.F.A. In Drama To Its Students

By Kendall Steiger

Staff Writer

Lynn’s drama department recently acquired a new Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Drama. A B.F.A. in Drama is the most prestigious of undergraduate degrees that a theatre student can obtain. The program focuses on concentrated theatrical training that prepares students to work professionally in theatre, movies, television and musicals. This addition to the Lynn Drama program is a major accomplishment for the integrity and prestige of university culture.

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Katrina Carter-Tellison, has made it her mission to complete the B.F.A. in Drama and make the program a success. Her hard work, determination and passion for the wellbeing of students influenced the addition of the program.

“We are thrilled about the upcoming launch of the B.F.A. in Drama. This program seeks to develop the whole student through a mix of traditional and contemporary methods,” said Carter-Tellison. “Our program will prepare our students for the professional world of theatre and television and ensure that they are nurtured in an environment where they can grow and flourish.”

The new B.F.A. in Drama comes from the hard work and efforts of faculty and staff involved in the College of Arts and Sciences. Adam Simpson, Curriculum Coordinator for the new B.F.A. in Drama, is incredibly proud of how the program will shape the young minds of future students.

“We spent years developing a program that we, the faculty, would want to take ourselves,” said Simpson. “We are excited to launch this program starting Fall 2018.”

Students can choose between acting and musical theatre performance as their specialization. While each specialization has its own specific course-load, students in both specializations will take the same six common core courses which focus on the basics of theatre education. The new program spans over the course of four years, in which students will be taking performance based curriculum in order to fine tune their skills for the world of professional performance.

Incoming students who wish to be accepted into the program must apply to the program directly, as well as apply to Lynn itself. To be accepted into the B.F.A. in Drama, hopeful students must complete either a live or video audition requirement.

There are three different live on-campus audition dates during the 2017-2018 school year to allow new students to audition for the 2018 fall term. Students who would like to specialize in Musical Theater Performance must perform two contrasting songs with musical accompaniment, a memorized monologue from a contemporary American play as well as perform a Broadway style dance routine. The requirements for the acting specialization include two contrasting monologues and a classical monologue.

Both specializations require a current headshot and resume. For students auditioning through a high quality video, an introduction should be included as well.

Each theatre faculty member has a passion for aiding students in striving for their highest potential in a professional career. The B.F.A. in Drama was created for the very purpose of elevating a student’s theatrical experience and to potentially fulfill hopeful students dreams and aspirations.

Each faculty member and staff member involved in the program plans to determine and utilize each student’s unique skills in order to push students to a higher professional level.

Bruce Linser, a professional performer and adjunct musical theatre professor at Lynn, has a few words of advice to students who wish to follow their dreams.

“The world needs more people living their truth and their potential,” said Linser, who specializes in musical theatre performance.

Theatrical and performing arts are a pivotal culture in the student and faculty bodies on campus. The multiple theatrical performances every year attract audiences young and old, who become mesmerized and engulfed into the plot of the show.

The new B.F.A. in Drama will allow for students to experience a professional environment with real on stage experience while being trained by experienced professors.

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