Approaching School and Mental Health

When it comes to college, stress is a common factor that many students experience. Students tend to worry when it comes to the high demands that class work and exams sometimes pose, which may result in a certain level of stress or anxiety.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I have come to realize that there are ways that I can tame and control my anxiety, so that it does not affect my day or my schooling. I felt it was important to share these tips with others that may be dealing with similar issues.

The first tip on my recommendation list when coping with anxiety is to think positively. When you feel overwhelmed with school work, your thinking may drive you to a negative place, inhibiting you from dealing with the situation appropriately. Thinking this way not only derails your progress with your work, but it may also contribute to the onset of panic attacks.

Eventually, upon the sudden realization that I can control my mind, I discovered that if I thought positively about myself and the situation, my anxiety would decrease significantly.

Staying positive can help maintain an optimistic mindset about the situation at hand, or any situation to follow.

In addition to positive thinking, another helpful tool when dealing with anxiety is learning to breath steadily. Breathing in and out is a great mechanism to calm the nerves and the feelings of anxiousness, especially when overwhelming circumstances are presented.

Taking deep breaths is a practice that a lot of people do whenever they find themselves constrained within a tight predicament. Proper breathing exercises can help calm the brain and the body, serving as a useful instrument before potentially stressful situations like an important interview or class presentation.

I have used a breathing technique for a variety of situations, from dealing with the nervousness of confronting workloads, to coping with every day stresses. It is a tip that I highly recommend others explore, as it is as simple as it is effective.

My final tip, listening to music, is one that is as enjoyable as is it beneficial and is a coping mechanism that may be just as enjoyable for others coping with anxiety as well. Music is a great force to help put the mind at ease in a moment of despair; it is the light that helps one escape from the dark. I have used music to help tune down my anxiety and to concentrate on schoolwork. It is a great tool to use as it lowers stress levels, while helping to maintain concise focus on what needs to accomplished.

Hopefully these tips can help those battling anxiety as much as they help me. Surviving school while striving to maintain optimal mental health is no easy feat. However, with the right mindset and the right tools, anything is possible for anyone.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is entering his final semester and intends to make the most out of it. As his time with iPulse is coming to an end, Martin looks back on his previous years and cherishes all the experiences he has had in such a short period of time. Having received numerous academic accolades and partaking in different internships, including one with the Miami Herald, Martin is only striving to learn even more and succeed following his graduation this May. After graduation, he plans to move to Los Angeles and work for a pop culture news organization like IGN. Being a nerd at heart, his passions include playing video games and reading comics.

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