Holiday Gifts the Families Will Want to Have from Key Chains to Electronics to Desserts

There is nothing like receiving a handmade gift from a loved one. This is why iPulse brings do-it-yourself presents, which are the perfect gift for every family member and friend.

The reality is a computer mouse is almost useless without a mouse pad. A customized fabric mouse pad is the perfect gift for someone who spends numerous hours a day on a computer. All that is needed is a black mouse pad, paint and a paintbrush. Now it is all up to one’s imagination to draw something creative or even write a thoughtful message on it.
“I love to receive handmade gifts from my children; I appreciate that they put so much time into them,” said Morgan O’Sullivan, director of financial services “[If] it is something that is useful, [it is] even better”
There is always someone in the family who would appreciate time to relax; this is why putting together a cute box of facemasks, bath salts and body scrubs would be the perfect gift. Whether these are homemade or not, a special someone will love the sentiment of putting them together with other pampering supplies and placed in a box that can easily be found at a stationery or craft store.
“When it comes to holiday vacations all I want to do is rest,” said Adriana Olivia, assistant manager at the Elmore Dining Commons. “This is the perfect time for me to chill and take care of myself.”
Keep loved ones always on your mind with a handmade family keychain, by affixing them to a series of keychain tabs, one for each family member. It is a handy way for them to remember their keys and always see their family members smiling back at them.
And last, but certainly not least, the latest trend this season is cakes in a jar. These filled cake jars can be given as a sweet gift in an even sweeter packaging. They look like they have been crammed full of pieces of cake and they are perfectly portioned and ready to be eaten right from the container.
“When you choose to give a handmade gift to somebody important to you, [you are] sending them the message that they were worth the time that you spent in creating that gift,” said Jared Harrison, graduate student.
If surprising those close to one’s heart is one of the goals during these December holidays, then thinking about giving a handmade gift instead of purchasing something from the store is the way to go this year. Remember that the purpose in giving handmade gifts is to give something that is personal and individual to the person receiving the gift, so do not be afraid to put personal touches to it too, to make the holidays just one touch brighter.

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