The Best Time of the Year is One For Family

December is the time of year when everyone has their own spin on how they are spending their break.

Whether it is waiting for presents, learning the stories behind Christmas or just spending time with family, it can be interesting to hear others’ perspectives on the holiday.
Many people feel Christmas was a different experience as a child. The holiday used to seem a lot more exciting because of the belief that Santa Claus was going to come down the chimney and bring presents.
“One year I remember my dad going out in the snow stomping around and ringing bells outside our window to make my brother and I believe that Santa was on our roof,” began Kaitlyn Frame, sophomore. “I told my brother that we had to go to sleep or he would leave and we would not get our presents. It is one of my all time favorite Christmas memories and I will never forget it.”
Other students are beginning to think about what they are wanting for the holidays. Though Christmas is not all about presents, it can feel highly nostalgic to make a Christmas wish list.
“I [do not] want much for Christmas, except a puppy,” said Andrea Monica Perez, senior. “Other than that, I just like the idea of being with family on Christmas because [it is] about that more than anything.”
While some students are excited about going home and seeing their families others are just as excited about what will be under the tree come Christmas morning.
“I want makeup,” said Rachel Margolis, junior. “I [do not] really care for much on Christmas because I like to spend time with my family around the holidays [since] that is important and what counts most. But I really want some new makeup and also maybe some sweatpants. That would probably be it.”

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