How One Local Foundation Gives Back to Kids

While the first semester of the academic year comes to a close, the holiday season is just beginning. Ads and commercials revolving around gifts have already begun to flood popular media, signaling the emergence of a warm and positive holiday spirit.

However, as most students get to go home to loving families, it is important to remember not everyone is as fortunate.
Though mention of the holidays typically elicits thoughts about family, gifts and food, this time of year is also a crucial period to raise awareness for charitable causes such as the Salvation Army.
Best Foot Forward, a foundation located in Boca, is one example of a local organization working on behalf of children. They focus on children who would otherwise spend the holidays without any sort of family support.
“Best Foot Forward is an organization that strives to better the lives of foster care children,” said Paige Gilson, sophomore and volunteer at the foundation. “They help these children not only strive to reach their personal goals, but their educational goals as well.”
This organization is so special that Lynn is even getting involved. Best Foot forward will be holding a fundraiser in which a tree full of different wishes from foster kids will be placed on campus and students will be allowed to take the wishes off of the tree and fulfill them.
“This organization does something extraordinary by giving these kids and teens the tools and fundamentals that will help them achieve their goals in life,” said Gilson.
Giving back during the holiday season is something everyone should try to do, as it can truly benefit the lives of others who are less fortunate.
Even just a single dollar can make the difference.
“They are always willing to take donations so everything helps,” continued Gilson. “If you’re looking to give back this holiday season, Best Foot Forward is an amazing choice.”
If students are interested in getting involved with this charitable organization, they can give a call to (561)470-8300, visit their Boca office in person or visit their website online at

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