Learning about One of the Faces Behind Lynn Drama: Professor and Director Adam Simpson

Professor Adam Simpson is one of the primary faculty members at Lynn who teaches drama courses and oversees the theater program. He has still worked as an actor for different projects including “Burn Notice”, “The Glades” and “Magic City”, but the instructor has continued to teach at the university for over 11 years.

“I had a choice between a few different universities, but I really liked the size of the classes, the student body and the people here,” said Simpson of what drew him to Lynn in the first place.
On campus, he teaches a full roster of courses in addition to maintaining the set shop tucked away in the back of the Wold Performing Arts Center. He is often found spending much of his free time planning shows and designing sets in his office there, but the time spent results in many of the large set pieces audiences see at student productions.
“I look forward to coming to work every day,” said Simpson of his role on campus. “My job excites me, [and] I truly enjoy the work that I do.”
From elements such as cascading walls of fabric used in Celebration of the Arts to the two-story house set to be used in this week’s premiere of “Noises Off”, his creative imagination meets his background as a carpenter to yield inventive stage designs across a variety of different productions.
The construction of these pieces could not happen alone, however, which is why he teaches shop classes in which students learn to build set pieces with him. Additionally, other student actors and crew members will dedicate their time to the process just to help out.
“I spend a lot of time with Adam, whether it’s in class, at rehearsal or in the shop, and I’m really grateful to have him as a professor and a friend,” said Torsten Rowell, senior and actor in “Noises Off”.
Aside from teaching and building, Simpson also directs many of the university productions. This includes “Noises Off”, a show which he hopes audiences will enjoy as much as his cast has while learning it. To help his cast achieve the best performance possible, he has used his extensive background in theatric performance to provide high-level advice, guidance and critique to the developing actors.
“My favorite part of being a professor is the students; their success is my ultimate accomplishment.”
Students can come out this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to the Wold Performing Arts Center to see “Noises Off” at 7:30 p.m. if they are interested in seeing an Adam Simpson-directed production. A matinée show will also be performed on Thursday at 12:30 p.m., and tickets are free for all Lynn students, staff and faculty.

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