Mr. Brian Bowser: The Man Behind Lynn’s Innovative and Unique Dining Options

Brian Bowser, General Manager of Sodexo food services, works at Lynn always innovating new creations in cuisine for all who enjoy the dining commons.

Since becoming a part of the Fighting Knight family, the staff member notes he has never regretted the decision.
“I love it here,” stated Bowser. “The Lynn community states they are unique and they truly are. We have a great feel of family and togetherness on this campus.”
Bowser grew up moving all over the states because of his military family household. He lived in West Virginia and Tennessee, but mostly resided in Ohio. When he moved to Jacksonville in 2008, he became a chef at Jacksonville University. From there, he made connections which would eventually connect him with Lynn in 2013.
After spending 25 years in the food service industry, Bowser is aware that it really is essential to always look forward.
“It’s tough, but you always need to evolve and change for new trends and styles of food. You need to be aware of what’s going on in the industry to stay fresh.”
He explained there are three major pillars of the industry: food quality, variety and customer service. Bowser believes bringing these three concepts to the table are the most important, which is why he makes sure to keep them in mind as he manages his operation.
“I love variety; change is good,” said Bowser. “We are so different than other universities because we have a unique take on our facility. Having 24 hour dining makes us so different as well.”
Bowser explained his excitement for the new student center being built this upcoming April. He stated the new dining facility will be more of a bar and grill concept for the new space, allowing more variation to the campus. The new center adds to Lynn’s constant way of creating more improvement in our community.
“We have such a high international volume of students from all over the world,” said Bowser. “We have the freedom at Lynn to change things around and make them into a great experience.”
As a testament to his commitment to excellence in service for the Lynn family, Bowser also hosts a little-known event on campus from time to time called Dinner with the Directors.
At the special dinners held at least once per month, Bowser creates an atmosphere of discussion for faculty and students to share thoughts on their dining experiences. They talk about new ideas and opinions which Bowser later uses to help make his kitchen better for all who eat from it.
“I’ve always been an outgoing individual and I believe communication face to face is the most effective,” said Bowser. “We are always trying to find ways to tweak ourselves and make ourselves better. This way, a catered meal can let us speak about changes, the dining program, or any questions.”
As the university moves forward, Bowser’s dedication, sense of community and experience have will continue to serve Knights—both literally and figuratively.

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