How to Pull Together a Last Minute Halloween Costume

Students in need of an original Halloween costume, but do not want to get crazy making it, do not need to panic any longer. They can make their own costumes in a matter of seconds. These easy, quick DIY costumes will be a hit at any party and they will still look like the costume was planned in advance.

To achieve a generic nerd ensemble, essential clothing items include a buttoned-up shirt, some older high-waisted pants and a pair of glasses—the bigger, the better. To truly set off the look, students can carry a book under their arm for added emphasis.
Looking like a hippie for Halloween is another easy option because stereotypically, hippies believe that being natural is beautiful. To build this look, students just need some sort of peace sign, floral apparel, retro sunglasses and a flower crown to bring the outfit together. When it is said and done, this outfit will rival those of Woodstock.
One of the more simplistic options for a costume is dressing up as a scarecrow. A pair of jeans matched with a plaid shirt and a pair of boots—plus an optional large hat—is all that is needed to complete this idea.
Playing tourist is another way to go for a last minute costume idea because the outfit is made up of pieces most people already have. A floral shirt plus a nice hat and a camera gives the look a sense of authenticity. Students can add a Hawaiian lei if they seek to present themselves as if they are currently in a tropical paradise.
Lastly, there is always the option to dress up as a witch or warlock. By simply taking a long black blouse, shirt or dress and matching it with a broomstick from home, the look is instantly recognizable by anyone.
There simply is no need to break the bank to achieve a good Halloween look. With these suggestions, students have a good place to start.

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