“The Used” Tour

The Used is touring around the United States and Australia to celebrate 15 years of being a band.

In 2001, The Used came together in their hometown of Orem, Utah. After that, they became a hit in the early 2000s and have played in huge shows and festivals like Warped Tour, Ozzfest and Projekt Revolution with Snoop Dogg and Linkin Park. Now, they have become one of most influential bands in the alternative rock scene today.

The band was playing at the venue The Masquerade in Atlanta on Sept. 27 to an almost sold out crowd. On this tour, The Used are performing both their self-titled debut album as well as their second album, “In Love and Death.”

Lead singer and songwriter, Bert McCracken, expressed a simple reason for why he is still making music after all of these years.

“We love music; [it] keeps us humble. [It’s] bigger than the five of us, [not] about ego or followers. Just [the] love of music,” he explained.

Regarding the two albums that the band were performing, McCracken shared his thoughts on why they are such fan favorites.

“These albums represent a lot of things that general people struggle with from 10 to 20. [It’s] all about ‘where do I fit in?’” he continued. The themes the albums are based off of include struggling with depression and addiction, learning from the mistakes people can make and realizing struggles in life will always get better.

The singer said that reviving these albums from their earliest days is not a bad thing; in fact, he said that getting to play them is one of the most fascinating things.

“[We] don’t normally play [all of the songs] in the set-list. It is [like] therapy for me to go back to them.”

For fans in the United States, The Used’s tour may be coming to a close, but they are always welcome to travel to Australia where the band will continue to play. Following that leg of the tour, the band intends on recording another album for the next year.

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