Behind the New “Black Panther” Comic Series

“Black Panther” is a Marvel Comics series that launched earlier this year in print and digital format; the series explores its title character as he deals with a crisis.

It is no shocker that Black Panther became the latest recipient of his own comic book series due to his well-received cinematic debut in “Captain America: Civil War”; the comics take a good look at the life of the character through his own first- person perspective.

The series follows its titular hero as he tries to maintain peace in his kingdom. It serves as an exploration of how a king tries to win back the trust of his people while dealing with criminal revolutionaries.

the king of Wakanda and the current Black Panther, is in a state of conflict as he tries to ensure the safety of his people while also trying to regain their trust following events that have placed
his nation
at risk and cast a shadow of mistrust on his image.

The story adds more depth to its title character by exploring his mindset and what he will do to protect his kingdom. With all of the effort he can muster, T’Challa struggles to find the right way of restoring order and peace.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates’ storytelling capabilities really help to drive this comic book series. As a writer, journalist and educator, he can draw from his knowledge about cultural, political and social issues to create an authentic atmosphere.

But while T’Challa and the topics Coates brings up are the primary focus of the series, other characters add more perspective to the situation in Wakanda while also furthering the plot of the story. For instance, T’Challa’s surrogate mother Ramonda tries to help her beloved stepson through this ordeal that is tearing their country apart by acting as his guide.

But while the story and characters are definitely the main takeaways, the art provides visual appeal for readers. Brian Stelfreeze, an illustrator, designed the art for the first four issues before Chris Sprouse took over creative duties beginning with issue five. Their interpretations are slightly different, but they both create engaging art to digest.

“Black Panther” is a Marvel Comics series to try out if students want to get a glimpse into the world of a highly contested leader.

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