Keeping Up With Housing And Residence Life

Stay Up-to-Date With Upcoming Events Through the Lynn App

Every resident assistant [RA] on campus is required to have a least one program a month benefitting the Lynn community and unifying students amongst each and every residence hall.

Housing and Residence Life has adopted an app called Lynn Events that shows all the information such as what, when and where certain events and programs are taking place. Students can find alternative ways to hang out with friends or staff, all while never leaving campus.

“Programming is all about getting the residents involved and just having a good time,” said Julianna Grillo, graduate student. “Especially if you can get a lot of people to come, it can be a good time but I don’t think people realize you can actually have fun on campus.”

Students also have the power to speak with their resident assistants about certain programs they might like to see as well.

When students attend certain events, they have to sign in with their I.D. cards. This is a way for Housing and Residence Life as well as Student Life to keep track of the attendance to certain events. By doing this, they can track the events and programs that students like the most and maybe even host them again.

“Now we have to do two programs per month and it can be a lot,” said Matias Solari, RA in Frieburger Residence Hall. “I love the job though, it is a great way to meet people and know their interest.”

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