Uncovering The Life And Interests of Lynn University Leading G.A.M.E.R

By Charlotte Hansen

Staff Writer

In a recent interview with Carolina Amorim, president of Lynn’s G.A.M.E. club, students were offered a glimpse into the world of G.A.M.E. and to what the club’s members are all about.

Amorim, sophomore, is a digital arts and design major, but is most notably known as an avid gamer as well. According to Amorim, there is not one type of game that she does not play.

“Actually, when I was younger, I learned how to play video games before I learned how to talk,” she said. Having grown up on classic systems such as Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, Amorim has gaming in her blood.

The G.A.M.E. Club first came into existence as a small group of friends who wanted to hang out together and talk about movies, video games and even catch up with each other about new releases coming out. To many people, this was a huge draw to the club and over the last year, about 60 people have joined and attended meetings faithfully.

But it is not always video games that bring people in to join the club. “Starting the meeting up, making a joke and having everyone laugh. I think that’s what drove me to it,” said Amorim. “Just having everyone be happy and like a family.”

With new movies such as “Star Wars: Rogue One” premiering and new video games being released for the PlayStation, the club has a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Some of the members have also applied for the J-Term trip to Japan and are waiting to hear back about their acceptance into the program.

Members also anticipate attending the Morikami Gardens in Boca Raton, for monthly gaming conventions that will be hosted there.

“We’re thinking of getting tickets to different events, conventions, stuff like that,” said Amorim.

When asked about whether or not members could give suggestions, Amorim instantly responded with enthusiasm.“No idea is a bad idea, is the way I see it. Any idea could lead to a better idea, [which] could lead to greater things.”

The G.A.M.E. Club meets every Friday at 5 p.m. for regular meetings. More information regarding G.A.M.E club membership about the newest releases in gaming and meeting schedules is available online at lynnuniversity.edu.


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