iPULSE Is Back In Action With A New Style

By Calvin Jordan and Adrianna Matamoros

Over the past few years, iPulse has grown into a full-service news operation spanning several differing forms of media for our audiences. This term, the newest generation of editorial staff have every intention of continuing the tradition of excellence—starting with a new list of updates, improvements and innovations for the Lynn community.

This year, iPulse has welcomed Esther Mendoza as its new graphic editor. In this role, Mendoza has been instrumental in helping design the new layout for the print publication distributed.

The new print layout is more modern looking, features new article dimensions and will host a series of columns to be launched in the coming weeks of the semester. In addition, the back cover of the iPulse will now maintain current athletics information as well as a small event calendar.

Chris Daniels, our video producer of three terms, will continue to head the broadcast division with new shows to be aired twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These broadcast episodes will be significantly longer in length than previous versions of our productions and will feature a multitude of live, pre-recorded and on-location segments packaged into a formal newscast.

Both our news articles as well as some of the broadcast segments will also be posted to the news website—lynnipulse.org—and further distributed via social media under the direction of Adam Yurkiewitz, the new Tech Editor, and Erin Soza, the returning Web Editor.

GraceAnne Trumpfeller, Managing Editor, will oversee a new team of copy support staff including assistant editors Brian Martin, Kaitlyn Frame and Paige Ellenson. In this capacity, the team of editors will work to ensure that our content is up-to-date, relevant and accurate at all times.

Of course, all of our work would not be possible without a new set of staff writers that are already working to dig up the stories that people want to read.

While there is much more to be said about what is to come from iPulse’s ambitions for the academic year, readers and viewers will have to stay tuned in order to keep up with the rapidly growing news center.

In order to catch everyting published, audiences should be sure to follow iPulse on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  On social media, print pieces and video segments as well as daily updates about the community at large will be shared in order to keep everyone aware of the news going on in their own back yard.

Readers should remember if they have news to share, we are always more than happy to help get it out to the public.

From your serving Editors-in-Chief, iPulse wishes everyone a safe and productive semester filled with newsworthy stories to share.

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