The Next Big Aquatic Summer Adventure


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From the beaches to movies and amusement parks there are a plethora of ways to have fun this summer in South Florida.

With exciting attractions such as the Lion Country Safari and ever-changing art in Wynwood, many overlook the unconventional opportunities to partake in watersports. Ski Rixen, located in Deerfield Beach, is a cable park attracting wake boarders, waterskiers, knee boarders, surfers and anyone willing to try.

“I really love Rixen because it’s a way to still stay involved in water sports without the hassle of owning your own boat,” said Kevin Moore, alumni.  

Located in Quiet Waters Park, there is not only the state of the art cable system but also a nature trail and campground fully equipped with tepees to rent. During the summer, Rixen offers a camp for young kids, discounts when buying season passes and even discounts up to 50 percent for college students.

“I love the cheap prices for such a nice facility like Rixen,” said Alex Demetriades, alumni. “Not only is the equipment well maintained but the staff is constantly watching to make sure you’re okay and help you become a better rider.”

For those just starting out, the courage to muster up the confidence needed to jump off the platform and into the water can be intimidating, but the added encouragement of watching skilled athletes land tricks off ramps and jump into the air serves as inspiration. Like any hobby, the more one practices, the better they get.

“I always feel like I’ve made such progress in my skill level after a wakeboarding session at Ski Rixen,” said Moore. “I also really like all the new people I meet every time I go. Everyone’s so willing to help you improve and happy to be in such a beautiful place.”

With a friendly, safe environment run by young knowledgeable watersports enthusiasts, it is no wonder Ski Rixen has become quite the afternoon spot for many of South Florida locals and tourists alike.

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