A Japanese Getaway Less Than 10 Minutes Away From Lynn


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Morikami Park, located in Delray Beach, offers students a place to relax and take time to enjoy nature with beautiful Japanese architecture and Japanese rituals.

The Morikami is designed to make people feel as though they have left America and are in Japan. The park shows replicas of traditional Japanese homes and shrines that are important to the Japanese culture. The Morikami is a place to go for students who are really interested in learning about Japanese culture.

“I see a lot of young people come here on the weekends and on weekdays, it’s mostly senior citizens,” said Daisuke Hirata, guide at the Morikami.

“I just like to come here to sit and think and eat a lot of tasty Japanese food,” said Zoe Matsuura, local resident.

Many people enjoy coming here to relax and think. Students, who need to clear their head, may want to consider going to the Morikami.

The Cornell Café a large restaurant at the Morikami that overlooks the gardens. It offers a wide variety of Japanese food including: traditional Japanese deserts, bento boxes, sushi and many vegetarian options. Most people agree that the food is good but the view makes the place so special.

A Japanese tea ceremony is a choreographed ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea. The demonstration of Sado: the way of tea ceremony is held at the Morikami on Saturdays. People get to watch an actual Japanese tea ceremony for only $5.

For students interested in learning about other cultures this may be worth taking a visit to but this ritual is very symbolic and important to the Japanese people so remember to dress respectably.

The Moikami offers students a place to relax, learn about Japanese culture and eat Japanese food. For more information visit the Morikami website at www.Morikami.org.

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