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On Jan. 11, Jerry Collender, junior, came back from studying abroad in Australia to take up the reigns of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Eminent Archon position. According to Collender, being an Eminent Archon is an honor. It is even more of an honor for him because of his Alpha Class member status.

“What Alpha Class means is that it is the first group of brothers that basically founded the colony’s foundations,” said Collender. “The most important part is you helped create the colony to the point of becoming a chapter.”

Collender even mentioned some of the responsibilities one would take upon as Eminent Archon. “Some of the responsibilities that you would take as President of the fraternity is to talk to Lynn’s Student Involvement, talking to national headquarters for the fraternity and become the face of what the fraternity stands for,” said Collender.

Collender also talked about his adventures last fall semester in Australia, where he studied abroad at the International College of Management right outside of Sydney.

“We got to literally live in a castle for three months,” he continued. “It’s a business and hospitality school where I had to dress in business attire every day.” Collender spoke about the opportunities he was able to get in Australia, which included an internship and the friendships he made.

“I even got an internship abroad which got to count as a requirement for my major,” said Collender. “I made many friends which I still communicate with today and I am counting down the days to which I can go back to Australia.”

Collender often to reminisces on how much he has done so far at Lynn, and what he will do for the future.

“Looking back I feel as if I made a heck of a career here,” claimed Collender. “I do not know what I will end up doing, but I have options and I am very fortunate for having those options.”

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