Carolina Amorim, Freshman, Creates Games In Her Spare Time


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Inspired by her passion for creating games and animations, freshman Carolina Amorim enrolled at Lynn this past fall in order to develop the skills needed to pursue her intended career.

Amorim draws much of her inspiration from her father, who initially introduced her into video games. She also is inspired by Masahiro Sakurai, a famed video game developer.

“You name it: Kirby, Super Smash Bros–he even put Kid Icarus, a 20 year old one-shot side scroller, back on the map and did so masterfully,” said Amorim about her idol. “I want to give the next generation the wonderful gift of fantastic tales and gold hearted heroes to turn to.”

She even has begun working on her own amateur projects. The current mini series she wishes to debut into the gaming industry is Kat!Tastrophe Club. “The main story is about a big group of cats led by Black Kat, a cat with very bad luck,” she claimed.

“Every Kat in the series is based on a member of Lynn’s Graphic Novels Club,” she said.

“Each crafted by yours truly.” Amorim drew inspiration for the game from the people she is surrounded by daily. She believes a truly solid character is drawn from a real life friend or peer. For this reason, she has already planned a number of characters for the show.

“Currently there are about 22 Kats planned to be part of the series,” said Amorim. “I am hoping though to add a good amount more to that before t he show/game is finally released.”

In the future, Amorim aspires to create her own studio, which she hopes will someday be considered equivalent to the Pixar of the gaming world. Her main goal is to leave an impact on people’s lives with her games.

“Nintendo’s motto has been to bring a smile to the faces of people of all genders, ages and races, and I would like to do the same with my own games,” concluded Amorim.

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