Twins Take Lynn’s Baseball Team by Storm



Being a student athlete is a wonderful experience that being at college provides, but being a student athlete alongside one’s twin must be something truly unique. This is the case for twins Kyle and Erik Schindler. As the Schindler twins prepare to graduate, they are happy to share the enriching experience of being a student athlete.

“It’s truly a blessing,” said Kyle Schindler, senior. “As more time passes, I realize how lucky I have been to play along side my brother for my entire life. I’ve never had to find another throwing partner, workout partner, or go out of my way to make friends on a team because he has always been there.”

Being together in the field is something that the Schindler brothers find truly rewarding since most people do not have this opportunity.

“It honestly is a huge blessing. It’s a privilege everyday to be able to play baseball and go to school,” said Erik Schindler, senior. “I know I’m lucky to be able to do this so I don’t take it for granted.”

Kyle and Erik are originally from Tampa, FL and they are both biology majors, who plan to attend University of South Florida for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. They have dedicated their whole lives to baseball but they do consider physical therapy to be one of their biggest passions.

“Physical therapy has always been a passion of mine,” said Kyle. “When I was 13, I hurt my rotator cuff playing baseball and the experience I had at the physical therapy clinic was second to none. I intend on earning my CSCS as well (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), said Kyle Schindler.”

With graduation around the corner, it is truly hard to properly manage one’s time alongside with keeping up with school work and being a student athlete, but Kyle and Erik seem to handle it quite smoothly. Now that they are graduating and going to study at another school, they can’t stress enough how important it is to be on top of one’s responsibilities.

“Manage your time wisely,” said Erik. “Do your assignments the day they are assigned. Always try and study well before the test and stay on top of the work. It sets you up for success and allows you to have more free time in the end. Work or a hobby is good to have though. It’s very hard to be a student only because you need something to balance your day out. It helps your time management.”

Besides baseball, Erik and Kyle enjoy hanging out with their friends but they can’t promise that it will not end in baseball since it is what they enjoy the most.

“I honestly spend most of my time playing baseball,” said Erik Schindler. When we have off days I usually end up at the baseball field one way or another.”

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