Lynn’s Admitted Student Experience Returns Again


It’s almost that time of year again that Lynn welcomes students from around the world to stay on campus overnight as a part of the annual Admitted Student Experience.

ASE is a two day event open to about 125 high school seniors who have been accepted to Lynn, allowing them to experience what life on campus is really like. They are paired with a student who lives on campus and is able to stay with that student in their residence hall for a night. It serves as a great way for potential students to meet people and develop a better perspective about general student life at the university.

Last year, I was one of those “potential students” who attended ASE and I loved every second of it. I met so many people and got to experience college life for a weekend. I even met one of my roommates at ASE and this year, we are going to pay it forward by hosting a student ourselves.

“I’m really looking forward to showing the student around Lynn and introducing them to how the school works,” said Natalie Irving, freshman. “We have a really beautiful campus and ASE is a great experience.”

The students participating will not only get to explore campus, but will also be able to attend many fun activities such as a welcome dinner, a block party and pool party. It is not just about having fun, however; those attending ASE will get so much more out of these two days. Incoming students will have the chance to meet professors one-onone to create their fall class schedule with their academic advisor.

“Attending ASE was such a rewarding experience,” said Carrol Marie Rodriguez, freshman. “I learned so much more about Lynn that I didn’t already know. If it wasn’t for my host, I wouldn’t have fallen head over heels for Lynn. I am so happy to be attending this school. It was honestly the best college visiting experience that I had.”

Many other students and I will act as hosts are trying to do is simple: help these students decide whether or not Lynn is right for them. “

I am excited to show them what Lynn is like and help them make the next step to becoming a member of the Lynn community,” said Paige Gilson, freshman, who will be hosting a student this year. “Even though I didn’t go last year, I think it is a very beneficial program and honestly we are helping these kids make one of the biggest decisions of their lives, in my eyes.”

For those interested in participating by hosting a student as well, the event is being held from Sunday, April 17 to Monday, April 18. Sign up in the Office of Admissions or email them at

Kaitlyn Frame

Kaitlyn Frame, originally from Washington County, Pa., is a senior at Lynn in the 3.0 program, majoring in multimedia journalism. She has been involved in iPulse since the second semester of her freshman year and is a member of the Lynn Leadership Institution. She has also performed in Celebration of the Arts for the past two years, as well as other Lynn Drama productions including Cafe de Cave and Postcards from Paradise. Frame was a contributing student writer for the Palm Beach Post during the entirety of her sophomore year at Lynn and was lucky enough to have multiple articles published. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, traveling, photography, participating in musical theatre and playing multiple instruments including ukulele, guitar, piano and drums.

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