Benefits Of Five Minutes Meditation

By Maria Ojer

Staff Writer 


Individuals around the world are beginning to practice meditation at least five minutes every day to reap all the benefits it brings to life.


A common misconception is that meditation is a Buddhist way of praying that is long, boring and impossible to achieve. These statements are far from the truth. Regardless of religion, one can just meditate for five minutes a day. With practice, everyone can reach the state of inner peace.


“I really want to start doing five-minute meditation a day,” said Gabriela Pearson, freshman. “I have an aunt that practices meditation and she told me that it completely changed her life.”


It is 100 percent accurate that meditating only five-minutes per day offers both physical and mental benefits. Practicing meditation notably improves the immune system, drastically reduces anxiety and increases the energy level, amongst many other benefits. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools in helping people get through the stress in their daily activities.


Most of the time an individual is thinking of the past, suffering for the things that he or she has done or for the things that he or she has not done. At other times they are worrying about the future, thinking about the things they have yet to do. The most important part of meditating is that the consciousness starts awakening, meaning one will start living the present moment.


“I always try to find some time in my day to do my meditation,” said Antonia Chavarro, freshman. “I feel so happy and relax every time I do it.”


The five-minute meditation is very easy to do, it consists of finding a comfortable position to relax and focus on the breathing. With the eyes closed, one should remain in that same position for five straight minutes. During the meditation, one will experience the mind trying to sabotage the process by bombarding with many thoughts, but this is all very natural. It is recommended not to resist these thoughts, but rather observe them like a cloud in the sky and refocus the attention on the breathing.


“When I first started to meditate it was so hard for me to do it,” said Ana Rios, sophomore. “But now that I have done it for months it is very easy. Meditation is my favorite part of my day.”


If one wants to experience a better quality in every aspect of life, meditation is the best alternative to achieve success.





Maria Ojer

Maria Ojer was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. Besides being part of iPulse, she also works in the Office of Admission as a Student Ambassador. Ojer savors the opportunity to inform the Lynn community via iPulse.

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  • March 3, 2016 at 3:55 am

    Meditation removes negativity from your brain. It helps you to rinse your brain of useless thoughts.


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