Tattoos Are No Longer Taboo

By Tiarsha Harrison

Staff Writer

When stepping foot into the working world after college, some are quick to realize that tattoos may be a deciding factor for potential employers. In this day and age, it is still expected of one to cover up visible tattoos while working.

People believe that tattoos are a means to express personalities. Placement is one of the first details that people consider before they get a tattoo.

“If I had to, I would hide a tattoo for a job on the bottom of my foot,” said Forrest Ringer, senior.

Danny Eagan, Photo by T.S.H.
Danny Eagan, Photo by T.S.H.

“I would get mine on my rib cage,” said Danny Eagan, senior. “That is a place I would want to get my tattoo anyway.”

It may be important to think about placements that can be covered easily with clothing.

“I would get my tattoo for a workplace on my upper arm where it could be covered up by a short sleeve shirt,” said Angel Cancel, sophomore. “Or anywhere really that can cover it up.”

Some students thought of really cool unique places.

“I would get my tattoo on the inside of my wrist or even my shoulder where it can be covered up by a cute work blazer,” said Ashley Cacicedo, graduate student. “Or maybe even the back because a shirt can be worn to hide it.”

“I would get a tattoo to hide for a job on my back because my hair can cover it,” said Becca Freeman, senior.

“I would get it on my abdomen where they can’t see it,” said Filippo Garlati, freshman.

Jessica Bologna, Photo by T.S.H.
Jessica Bologna, Photo by T.S.H.

“I too would get it where it can be covered, so on my back or my side,” said Jessica Bologna, senior. “Where it can be covered by a shirt or pants.”

Although opinions differ regarding where a tattoo is appropriate, some believe that tattoos are not a major issue anymore during job interviews.

“I have no idea where I would hide my tattoo,” said Brock Frazier, senior. “I personally have two sleeves and I don’t see what’s wrong with it. I’m going to law school next year and I’m not going to deliberately hide it.”

“I see nothing wrong with it either, I don’t judge people with tattoos,” said Joe Garone.

Tattoos were at one point taboo before this generation. It has become a symbol of freedom of expression and many students feel that the professional world  is becoming more lenient regarding the enforcing of tattoo coverage                                                                                                                                         depending on the jobs people are working in.


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