The Cinderella Date

Chris Byrd

Staff Writer


Everyone has that perfect date location or idea of what they want to for a first date.

People’s ideal date ideas range from going to a sports game to hanging out on the beach at night. However, a perfect date has less to do with the location is more about what happens during the date.

“Dinner, movie and a long walk on the beach at night,” said Ryan Brushingham, sophomore.

Though they are romantic, movie dates may not always be the best idea. It can be difficult to talk and get to know one’s date, however, if this is not the first date, movies can work well.

“My perfect date is at a festival or carnival”, said Taylor Nortman, junior.

Carnivals and festivals are always fun, especially with a significant other.

“No such thing in my opinion of a perfect date,” said Louis Davis, graduate student,

This is a sad viewpoint to have because a perfect date is something that is very achievable, and does not even need to take that much effort to achieve.

“Coffee or drinks because the first date should be where you two just talk and get to know one another,” said Raven Garmendez, senior. “If you don’t like the individual you paid five bucks on a cup of coffee.”

Coffee is always a great date idea, because it allows individuals to really get to know each other.

“The perfect date for me would be a Mets game,” said Jonny Wiener, sophomore.

Anyone who knows Jonny could have guessed that his perfect date would be a Mets game, because he is the biggest die hard Mets fan on campus. However, sporting events in general are a fun, yet laid back event to take a date. Wherever one takes their first date, remember to have fun.

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