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Producer Jason Blum seems to have been involved with every successful horror movie released over the last few years and after a seven-year run with “Paranormal Activity,” Blum prepares to terrify fans of the series one last time.

Blum and his team have gone all out to ensure “Ghost Dimension” concludes the “Paranormal Activity” series in the most memorable way possible. For the first time, audiences will witness the paranormal and see their appearance, adding a brand new layer to this film.

Viewers will also receive the answers to questions that have been on their minds over the last few years regarding Katie, the subject of many “Paranormal Activity” films and Toby, the demonic entity that terrorizes characters within this series.

“There are going to be revelations about Katie, but there are going to be many more revelations about Toby,” said Blum.

Blum, the executive producer of the “Paranormal Activity” series has mixed feelings about arriving at the finish line after many years of working on “Paranormal Activity”. While Blum is sad to say goodbye to the series, he is also looking forward to further developing more projects that are in the pipeline.

“It’s been really fun to work on the [“Paranormal Activity”] movies over the last seven years, but it’s also sad that [“Ghost Dimension”] is the last one. It’s bitter sweet,” said Blum. “It’s sad that it’s the last one, but there’s also a lot of other things that we’re doing that I’m excited about.”

“Paranormal Activity” has experienced a huge amount of popularity for what was originally a low budget and independently developed film. The franchise has brought in millions of dollars worth of box office hits and become a contemporary horror classic. The level of exposure the original film received even exceeded Blum’s expectations.

“We all thought the first movie could be a fun cult success, but not what it turned into. No one thought we would make five more,” said Blum. “It’s been a very happy surprise.”

“Paranormal Activity” has also launched the careers of many actors featured within the series. Audiences may wonder if there is a particular skill set required for actors cast in scary movies. According to Blum, the biggest asset an actor performing in a scary film can have is talent.

“A great scary money actor is a great actor, period. It’s very hard to act in a scary movie because you have to be totally petrified of nothing. The sets aren’t scary. When watching it, a scary movie isn’t scary, unless you really believe that character is scared. The quality of actors in a scary movie is such a crucial thing,” said Blum.

Through his own personal experience with the paranormal, Blum has mastered the art of conveying scary stories – though it is not an experience he wants to relive anytime soon.

“I saw a ghost once. I was in my early twenties and I was living in an apartment in New York. I was living in a basement and I woke up in the middle of the night,” said Blum. “It was holding a child. I don’t know if it was a man or a woman, but it was a figure holding a child, staring at me at the end of my bed. It was really weird.”

While most moviegoers fear demonic creatures, such as Toby, the most, Blum explains why it’s the ambiguous ghostly presences that are actually more frightening.

“I think ghosts are scarier than demons. Demons wear their evil on their sleeve. You see a demon, you run. A ghost, you don’t know. They could be good or could be bad,” said Blum.

For dedicated “Paranormal Activity” fans dreading the conclusion of this series, there is a possibility that they may see more “Paranormal Activity” movies in the future. However, Blum states it would have to be in a very different capacity.

“In five years if some amazing film maker that I love comes and says here’s a whole new way to approach “Paranormal Activity” that might happen. We have no plans, we’re not going out to pursue that. What’s special about this movie is that it’s the end,” said Blum. “Even if it’s a huge hit and does a ton of business.”

“Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension” hits theatres nationwide on Oct. 23 and while viewers may have to sleep with the lights on for a few nights, they certainly should make sure to catch the final installment of this thrilling series on the big screen.

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