The Wick Theatre And Costume Museum Provides A Broadway Experience


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With a visit to the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, students can take some time to expand their cultural horizons.

Owned and operated by Marilynn Wick and her daughter, Kimberly, the theatre presents well-known productions, such as “Hello Dolly” and “Peter Pan,” as well as smaller scale productions productions, to audiences of all ages.

The museum is a sight to behold as the collection contains actual Broadway costumes from the past 100 years created by some of the finest designers in the industry.

There are $20 million worth of original pieces in their collection, which includes original costumes from award winning shows, such as “Guys and Dolls,” “My Fair Lady,” “The King and I” and “Titanic,” worn by actors like Julie Andrews.

“When you walk into the Wick Theatre it’s all glitz and glamour,” said Mike Visnick, Boca resident. “From the beautiful chandeliers to the elegant rugs, it makes you feel like you’re a celebrity.”

The theatre brings the community together and gives people the opportunity to express themselves through the arts.

“It is amazing that there is so much history kept right here in our city and many people are unaware of it,” said Madeline Fryburg, senior. “Boca has its own little piece of Broadway and it is amazing.”

“A visit to the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum should definitely be on your bucket list,” said Delano Williams, senior. “There is definitely something for everyone.”

The Wick Theatre offers viewers the New York City night-on-the-town experience without having to leave Boca.


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