Rhino Doughnuts Is Changing The Doughnut Game With Their Artsy Treats


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Located on NE 2nd Street just south of Mizner in Boca, Rhino Doughnuts has been taking the town by storm for more than a year now. Featuring a different and crazy variety of doughnuts, Rhino’s is nothing like anyone has ever tasted before.

“I love that they are made fresh every single day,” said Madeline Fryburg, senior. “The freshness is something you can taste and see.” No one will ever have to worry about getting a leftover doughnut here because every morning they get a fresh shipment in from their Sunrise location.

“They get 200 doughnuts a day but are always sold out by the time I get out of class,” said Bridget Lord, senior. “It’s becoming so popular that you have to get there early.”

Flavors include everything from crème brûlée, which is their most popular, to doughnuts topped with Reese’s puffs, chocolate with bacon or nutella and banana. There are some doughnuts that are consistently available everyday, and some that are constantly changing.

Not only do they serve doughnuts but there are also a variety of different pastries, coffee and cappuccinos that are available. There is always something for just about everyone.

“I love that it isn’t the same old thing everyday,” said Stephanie Leighty, senior. “It keeps it new, fresh and exciting.”

You may also pre-order the doughnuts online if you are beginning a study group, team meeting or any type of event that might require delicious doughnuts. With only three locations in the world, visit Rhino Doughnuts in Boca and be one of the first to try a product that is sure to rise up on the market.

At $1.99 per doughnut, this is a great place to hang out with friends in a comfortable and welcoming ambiance. When one’s brain is fried and he or she just cannot stand to be in the library any longer, take a break and go visit Rhino Doughnuts.

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