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Jo Ellen Foy, Executive Assistant for the Office of Student Affairs, does it all with ease and a comforting smile on her face.

Many people on campus may not realize just how much Foy actually does. The Office of Student Affairs oversees the Campus Ministry, Campus Recreation, Campus Safety and Security, the Counseling Center, the Dean of Students, the Health Center, Multicultural Affairs, Residential Life, Student Involvement and the Women’s Center. 

“I’ve worked for Jo Ellen for about a year now, and she is always smiling and engaging with students,” said Ashley Cacicedo, graduate student. “Jo Ellen is the kindest person I have ever met, and she is someone who truly puts her heart and soul into her job.”

The Office of Student Affairs works to keep our campus running and fun for all of the students, but there is a lot of work that is put into doing just that. Foy sends out emails to the entire university and shows up to support the Lynn community at any and all of the events she can.

Some students know how much Foy works, and those who do are extremely grateful for all that she does. Many students earn personal phone calls from Foy when they have special invitations or are gifted a rose from the Order of the Grail Knights (OGK), a secret society on campus. 

“She is also extremely trustworthy and knows all of the secrets about Lynn,” said Cacicedo. “Yet, she will not crack.”

Students always want to know who the members of OGK are prior to their reveal at graduation. Many even ask Foy beforehand, yet she keeps her knowledge to herself.

“Jo Ellen deals with students coming in to talk to Dr. Phil [Riordan] all the time,” said Clayton Jacobs, senior. “She can more often than not answer the question or concern herself, but if she cannot, she will find time to schedule a meeting with Dr. Phil for you.”

The Citizenship Project in January is another busy time for Student Affairs. Foy sends out emails about the different service projects that are available and information on how to register. 

In spite of her large amount of work, Foy certainly keeps all of her secrets with a smile on her face. 

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