The Apple Watch Gets a High Fashion Makeover From Hermes


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Although the high-tech Apple Watch may already be a stretch for most personal budgets, Apple has decided to go fashion forward by collaborating with French fashion house Hermes, and their new design may be hard to resist.

Apple announced the new Apple Watch bands and stainless steel cases on stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Sept. 9. They plan to start selling the high tech luxury watches this fall on October 5.

The Apple-Hermes watches will be available in Hermes, Apple Stores and department stores.

The collaboration collection will not stray far from the original Apple Watch. The stainless steel custom black face is still available in two different sizes: 39 mm and 42 mm. There will be the option of choosing between three different bands: the Single tour from $1,100 to $1,150, Double tour for $1,250 and the Cuff is $1,500.

The Double tour with the extra long band will come in four different colors as well: fauve, stain, capucine and bleu jean.

The Cuff is made to allow the heart rate sensor stay in contact with the wrist. This will only be available in fauve.

The Single tour has buckles inspired by those on the straps of a horse’s girth, a respectful nod at Hermes equestrian heritage. This band will be available in fauve, noir and capucine.

“A watch is something that I love but I am very traditional,” said Joao Pinot Basto, sophomore. “I would just stick to normal ones.”

The luxury leather bands will be handmade by Hermes artisans in France and the watch faces will be reinterpreted by Apple designers. Their product will be elegant and modern.

“It is on the expensive side, but I’d rather get the Hermes watch versus the regular Apple Watch,” said Eliza Galvin, sophomore. “This is such an iconic designer that they collaborated with and it has that classic Hermes look that makes it so chic.”

Keep an eye out for the highly luxurious watch that Apple will soon be releasing.

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