Alumna Elisa Pisana has Found a New Home Abroad in Florence


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Elisa Pisana, a recent 3.0 graduate, broke all molds when she decided take the once in a lifetime experience of studying abroad in beautiful Florence.

Pisana was terrified at first of getting on a plane and leaving behind the comfort and security of the life she had built during her college years in South Florida.

Little did she know that she was embarking on one of the most amazing and unforgettable adventures of her life.

“I was a little nervous going to study abroad for a semester because to me, being away for two and a half months  felt like forever,” said Pisana. “I worried that a lot would change or that I would miss out on things.”

Surprisingly, Italy was not her first choice for studying abroad, but it was one of the only programs that offered a short session. At the time, Pisana did not want to go away for too long. However, upon arriving in Italy she immediately fell in love with the culture and the appearance of the landscape.

“My love for Florence was definitely unexpected. I went into it feeling hesitant, but now I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. It is just what I needed,” said Pisana. “I got to experience a different culture, see new places, make lifelong friendships and most importantly, learn that I’m okay on my own.”

When asked about her favorite experience Pisana did not have to think twice about it and immediately mentioned the gondolas of Venice.

“Going to Venice and riding in a gondola was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Pisana.

Pisana adapted to the Italian lifestyle and culture so quickly that to her, the biggest cultural shock was not experienced while she was in Italy, but when she came back to America for her graduation last May.

Pisana enthusiastically spoke of the merits of spending time in another country.

“Of course I recommend studying abroad,” said Pisana. “I feel like it should be required. It’s honestly one of the best experiences a student can have while in college. It teaches you so much about the world and yourself.”

Pisana started her journey expecting to return from Italy in two months, but she loved Italy so much that she decided to end her entire final college semester studying abroad in Italy.

Pisana’s adventurous spirit decided that a semester was not enough time in the land of love and found a job in Italy and has decided to spend an entire year in Italy.

“I loved it,” said Pisana. “I loved it so much that I did not get on my plane at the end of my semester.”

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